CentriFuse® HD Brake Drums

The Proven Standard in Brake Drum Technology

The Severe Service Solution

For long life, performance and durability in severe service applications, there simply is no equal to the CentriFuse HD brake drums. Engineered and manufactured in the USA to meet the demands of frequent braking, heavy loads and steep terrain, CentriFuse HD brake drums provide a lightweight design with optimum performance.

CentriFuse HD

Features & Benefits

  • For the Heavy-Haul
    Axle load rated up to 26,000 lb.
  • Performance
    Permanently bonded Steel shell provides proven resistance to heat cracks.
  • Efficiency
    Helps reduce maintenance cost and total vehicle weight.
  • Longer Life
    Proprietary alloy braking surface provides superior heat absorption for reduce brake fade and wear.
  • Precision Balanced
    Mass centering process improves balance for a smoother ride. Balance weights eliminate the need to machine away critical material from steel shell like competitors.
  • Durability
    Backed by a 3-year written warranty* for confidence and peace of mind.

    *Contact your local Motor Wheel representative for complete warranty terms, conditions, and limitations.
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Download MW014 Brake Drum Installation Procedure
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Français MW014FR Brake Drum Installation Procedure

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The CentriFuse® Family

CentriFuse® Lite

The industry’s premier lightweight brake drum

  • 83 lbs. (16.5” x 7”)
  • 20,000 lb. axle load rating
  • Weight sensitive applications
  • 10-year written limited warranty*

Original CentriFuse®

Proven performance for approved applications

  • 89 lbs. (16.5” x 7”) – Additional sizes available!
  • 23,000 lb. axle load rating
  • The trusted brand with over 80 years of excellence
  • 10-year written limited warranty*

CentriFuse® HD

For long life, performance & durability in severe service applications

  • 100 lbs. (16.5” x 7”), 104 lbs.(16.5” x 8”), 111 lbs. (16.5” x 8.62”)
  • 26,000 lb. axle load rating
  • Specifically engineered for heavy-haul, multi-stop, and rugged terrain applications
  • 3-year severe service written limited warranty*

CentriFuse Wide Brake

The lightweight solution for maximum brake life

  • 90 lbs. (16.5” x 8”),100 lbs. (16.5” x 8.62”)
  • 23,000 lb. axle load rating
  • Available in 16.5” x 8” and 16.5” x 8.62”
  • 10-year written limited warranty*

*Contact your local Motor Wheel representative for complete warranty terms, conditions, and limitations.



Click on Part Number for more size details

Size Part Number Weight Bolt Holes
16.5 x 7 600004HD 100# 10
16.5 x 8 600013HD 104# 10
16.5 x 8.625 600014HD 111# 10

Genuine CentriFuse® brake drums have no equal, but some of our competitors believe that if their product looks like ours, fleet managers will think it performs like ours. Our customers know better, the quality you demand is the quality you get. Choose performance and weight savings. Choose Motor Wheel — Performance on the Move.