Motor Wheel®, the manufacturer of CentriFuse brake drums and Motor Wheel automatic brake adjusters, is known to deliver products that provide lightweight durability, improved fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance and meet the demand for frequent braking. Our Centrifuse brake drums are designed and manufactured in the USA, along with the engineering and assembly of our automatic brake adjusters.

CentriFuse® Drums

CentriFuse brake drums set the standard for lightweight durability, while helping to improve fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance. Proven for more than 80 years, their steel jacket technology and precision balancing provide advanced performance and a smooth ride.

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CentriFuse® HD Drums

For long life, performance and durability in severe service applications, there simply is no equal to the CentriFuse HD brake drums. Engineered to meet the demands of frequent braking, heavy loads and steep terrain, CentriFuse HD brake drums provide a lightweight design with optimum performance.

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Motor Wheel AutomaticBrake Adjusters

Reduce time spent under trucks and increase performance with Motor Wheel(formerly Crewson™) Automatic Brake Adjusters. Designed with reduced maintenance and convenience in mind, they maintain proper shoe-to-drum clearance in all braking modes and can easily be installed in the field or on the shop floor.

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Our CentriFuse Drum Brakes are American Made. American Proud. Performance on the Move.